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Small screw conveyor: small equipment has its own big capacity!

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-16
2021-03-02 10:11:43 Click: Sub-small screw conveyor, also known as small screw conveyor, is a kind of conveying equipment, suitable for users with small conveying volume, small screw conveyor can be horizontal, inclined, Vertically arranged, suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small block materials, such as cement, coal powder, grain, chemical fertilizer, ash, sand, coke, etc., widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal, grain, food And other industries. 1. Infinite potential, the ability of the small screw conveyor is amazing. The small screw conveyor has unlimited potential for conveying sand. It is always amazing. It is the small screw conveyor. Its system has been fully upgraded, and its advantages are more. considerable. 1. Small model design, the conveying capacity is 3-37 cubic meters per hour, and the conveying length can reach 5-60 meters. 2. Ingenious manufacturing, super power, and production capacity increased by 25%. 3. Small size, stable operation, intelligent operation, unmanned operation workshop setting. 4. Safe and reliable, reduce failures and eliminate safe operation accidents. 5. Thin oil lubrication, simple maintenance, strong and durable, low energy consumption. 6. Mature configuration, high efficiency and low consumption, and low wear rate of various parts. 2. Reduced investment, small screw loading conveyor price, low cost Reduced cost, affordable, small screw conveyor and other overall investment is more economical, more in line with the user's purchase psychology. As mentioned above, the structure of the equipment is more ingenious, and the selection of materials is especially attentive. The failure rate of parts is greatly reduced, and the daily maintenance and repair costs are reduced by about 45%. In addition, the equipment has a small footprint and can save nearly 15%. Initial infrastructure investment; furthermore, the equipment is independently produced by vibration machinery manufacturers and sold directly to users. The price of the equipment is economical and it is more worthwhile for users to purchase and use. Small screw loading conveyor model LS type GX type) Conveying volume QΦu003d0.33(m3/h) Power Pd 1u003d10m(KW)) Power Pd 1u003d30m(KW) Rotating speed (r/min) Conveying volume QΦu003d0.33( m3/h) 100 2.2 1.1 1.6 120 1.9 160 7.6 1.5 2.8 90 5.7 200 200 11 2.2 3.2 75 18 250 250 22 2.4 5.3 75 18 3. Higher income, small screw loading conveyor application site gratifying high market income, small screw conveyor The customer site of the machine is more gratifying. The manufacturer will regularly receive thank-you text messages (WeChat) from the user, expressing his love for the small screw conveyor and his gratitude to the manufacturer. A small piece of equipment contains a lot of energy. The small screw conveyor is not only easy to operate, safe to work, and high-yielding, but it can also create more substantial profits for users. It is really trustworthy and affirmative!
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