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Small conveyor is introduced

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-27
This is not just a small conveyor, do you know this is not only suitable for small applications? Although the small conveyor series is the ideal choice for small parts, but they are not only the small conveyor. Pictured above the conveyor is a conveyor 2 meters long! Small conveyor series specifications: belt width: 30 & other; ,40” ,50“ ,60” And 70 & other; Cm belt length: 2 & other; To eight & throughout; M, increment of 1/8 & other; The maximum load of 100 jin of the belt speed of up to 30 m/min 1 small conveyor series features include: - clamping drive design ( Is applying for patent) Without high belt tension belt tension bearing capacity is low, allows the use of miniature roller, belt tension is low, in order to best to deal with small parts almost eliminated the belt tension, provide free maintenance conveyor belt conveyor frame design, clamping drive safe operation of four fasteners allow remove 1/2 clamping drive, make belt replacement quick and simple clamping drive is reversible, can provide maximum flexibility in the application of high - low Compact micro design delivering valuable machine or working space is little, roller diameter Small parts processing and transferring the best T slot size - small parts Installed on the T bar, easy to install automation components or accessories
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