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Siege effect of screw conveyor manufacturers

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-06
09-07 15:29:35 Screw loading conveyor is a widely used transportation equipment in the national economy, food and coal industries. Due to the large amount of use and long running time, there is a huge potential for low energy consumption. The promotion of low energy consumption drive devices is One of the important measures to carry out power-saving work.   At the same time, my country has researched and introduced preferential policies to encourage the replacement and transformation of old high-energy-consuming drive devices, formulate and promote energy efficiency standards and labeling of drive devices, eliminate the production and sales of low-efficiency drive devices, and encourage the promotion of drive devices. With the in-depth development of system reforms in all walks of life, a large number of permanent magnet synchronous variable frequency drives with low energy consumption will become the mainstream of future development.  The siege effect of the screw conveyor industry is beginning to show.  With the continuous rise of raw material prices and weak profits, many manufacturers have expanded their production capacity in order to achieve economies of scale, reduce costs and increase industry entry barriers, thereby promoting industry reshuffle. For companies with strong financial resources, strong raw material inventories are the guarantee to survive the cold winter. However, due to lack of competitive advantage, some small companies have stopped production and stopped working without rice. The siege effect is beginning to show.   Screw Industry In response to the crisis of rising raw material prices, the China Screw Industry Association held an industry seminar in Shenyang to discuss countermeasures, and formed an industry price alliance to jointly increase product prices. And how far can the price alliance go? Every business has its own abacus.   There is still a certain gap between domestically-made screw conveyors and foreign water products. It is precisely because of this gap that scientific and technological development is the trend of industrial development. The current screw conveyor market provides an important material foundation for the development and production of new technologies and new products, and is an indispensable strategic industry for economic advancement. As a supporting condition for national economic growth and technological upgrading, screw conveyors will progress together with the development of high-tech and emerging industries, and reflect the general trend of intelligence, networking, precision, low energy consumption and global development And the characteristics of the times. On the basis of our company's years of research, development and production, our company's screw conveyor is a new generation of low-energy, high-small products with international advanced level developed by absorbing advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.
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