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Should the conveyor be paid attention to whether the assembly line is suitable for production requirements?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-08
application scale: widely used in food, cans, medicines, beverages, cosmetics, condiments, dairy products, detergents, paper products, tobacco, etc., such as automatic transportation, distribution, postal packaging line transportation, etc.    conveyor as one Manufacturers, good assembly line equipment is related to production efficiency. When selecting and purchasing assembly line equipment, the conveyor professionally produces flat conveyor line equipment. The conveyor should pay attention to whether the assembly line form is suitable for production requirements. This kind of assembly line equipment is the real enterprise Need.    The speed of the conveyor is too fast to cause slippage. At this point, it can also overcome the sliding. The initial tension is too small. The reason is that the tension of the conveyor belt is insufficient when the roller is separated, and the conveyor should start to slow or move again After twice, the conveyor belt fell off due to the flat loading conveyor belt line. The way to solve this problem is to adjust the tension device to increase the initial tension.    leads to increased resistance and slip. The friction between the roller table and the conveyor belt transmitted by the conveyor It is not enough to cause slippage. Roller bearings are damaged and do not twist. The reason may be excessive dust accumulation or failure to repair and replace parts that are worn and twisted, most of which are caused by moisture in the conveyor belt or humid working environment. At this time, add a little rosin to the drum.    In the daily production and processing of the conveyor, the conveyor saves the production and processing cycle, greatly improves the daily production efficiency, and makes the energy saving of each production and processing ring very consistent, so the chain Conveyors have been widely used in the food production process. At present, the national industry needs automated assembly lines. The demand for chain conveyors in food, beverage, logistics and other industries is very large, and there is a good growth trend.
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