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Share some belt conveyor maintenance and adjustment in industrial production

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-04
Belt conveyor and belt conveyor, belt conveyor in terms of what are the maintenance and adjustment in the industrial production, you know? To share some small below. General belt conveyor belt, roller, roller and the drive, brake, tensioning device, the device such as loading, unloading, sweeper combined into. The operation of the belt conveyor are: 1, the belt conveyor: before starting the obstacles is it examine on the conveyor belt. If there are obstacles should be removed; To observe the power supply is normal, the power is measured and allocate, to ensure the normal voltage of equipment are in need. More than normal after the operation, examination and, if the equipment is normal, can be switched on 2 switch machine, belt conveyor order note: 1) Belt conveyor boot sequence: close the power master switch control box ( Power light shine) → Start the start button & rarr; Screw speed ratio control switch to & other; ON” The location of the & rarr; Slowly rotate speed control knob to need speed range. To make it run at a constant speed; Do not use more than 1500 RPM range. 2) Belt conveyor shutdown order: the speed ratio control knob in the slowly spinning back & other; 0' The location of the & rarr; After waiting for plane conveyor stop screw speed ratio control switch to & other; OFF” The location of the & rarr; Close the start switch and power master switch.
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