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Shaftless Spiral Mobile Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-25
Generally, the mobile conveyors we use are not very strict in the requirements of the materials to be conveyed, but in summary, most mobile conveyors cannot convey more viscous materials, especially spiral mobile conveyors, which are added to convey viscous materials. There will be a lot of trouble, so the conveying of viscous loose materials has become a more acute problem. The shaftless spiral mobile conveyor was officially put into operation and was born to solve the problem of conveying viscous materials. Shaftless screw conveyor is a kind of screw conveyor widely used in building materials, chemical industry, environmental protection, electric power, medicine, metallurgy, food and other industries. It is a new type of spiral mobile loading conveyor developed under the actual situation that the conveying is highly abrasive, viscous, easy to agglomerate, and the material is blocked when the material is easily wound, and the suspension bearing is damaged and the screw cannot work normally. This product is suitable for continuous and uniform conveying of loose, viscous, and easy-winding materials. The temperature of conveying materials can reach up to 100°C and the maximum inclination angle is less than 45°. The characteristics of the shaftless screw conveyor. Compared with the traditional shaft screw conveyor, the shaftless screw conveyor adopts the design of no central shaft and hanging bearing, and uses a certain flexible integral steel screw to push materials, so it has The following outstanding advantages: 1. The spiral has super wear resistance and durability, and has a long service life. 2. Strong anti-winding: no central axis interference, has special advantages for conveying belt-like and easy-winding materials, and prevents accidents caused by blockage. 3. Good environmental performance: the use of fully enclosed conveying and easy-to-clean spiral surface can ensure environmental sanitation and the conveyed materials are not polluted or leaked. 4. Large torque and low energy consumption: Because the screw has no shaft and the material is not easy to be blocked, it can run at a lower speed, drive smoothly, and reduce energy consumption. 5. Large conveying capacity: The conveying capacity is 1.5 times that of the traditional shaft mobile conveyor with the same diameter, up to 40m3/h. The conveying distance is long, up to 25 meters, and can be installed in multi-stage series according to user needs to convey materials over long distances. 6. Compact structure, easy operation, economical and durable, minimal maintenance, low maintenance cost. Structure of Shaftless Spiral Mobile This product is mainly composed of driving device, head assembly, casing, shaftless spiral body, trough liner, inlet, outlet, cover (when needed), base, etc. 1. Drive device: adopt cycloid pin wheel reducer or shaft-mounted hard-tooth surface gear reducer. The drive device should be located at the end of the discharge port as much as possible in the design, so that the spiral body is in a state of tension during operation. 2. The head is equipped with a thrust bearing, which can bear the axial force generated when conveying materials. 3. Case: The case is U-shaped or O-shaped, with a rain-proof cover on the upper part, made of stainless steel or carbon steel or glass fiber reinforced plastic. 4. Shaftless spiral body: The material is stainless steel or carbon steel. 5. Tank lining board: The material is wear-resistant plastic board or rubber board or cast stone board. 6. Material inlet and outlet: There are two types: square and round. Generally, the form of inlet and outlet is determined by the user. It can be said that this conveying characteristic of the shaftless screw conveyor has filled a gap in the conveying industry, which greatly facilitates the work of human beings. Based on the characteristics of the shaftless mobile conveyor alone, in the transportation industry, the shaftless spiral mobile conveyor will also exist for a long time.
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