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Shaftless screw conveyors are two popular materials for conveying

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-01
09-07 15:49:33 Compared with the ordinary screw loading conveyor, the shaftless screw conveyor adopts a shaftless design, so the conveyor has a very significant advantage in viscosity and winding materials. Today I will introduce to you about Two popular materials conveyed by shaftless screw conveyors: Popular material one: sludge sludge This material has a very viscous type and is one of the most difficult to convey materials. Compared with ordinary screw conveyors, there is no Shaft screw conveyors do not have a central shaft, which is resistant to stickiness and will not be blocked during the conveying process. Shaftless screw conveyors will be selected for conveying sludge. Hot material 2: Domestic waste Domestic waste has also appeared in large numbers in recent years, not only affecting our lives, but also causing more serious damage to the environment. Shaftless screw conveyors have played an irreplaceable role in waste transportation. In life, most of them contain ribbon-like, rotten substances, so it is very easy to be entangled on the screw shaft during the conveying process, so choosing a shaftless screw conveyor can solve this problem. Summary: Because the shaftless screw conveyor adopts a shaftless design, it has anti-winding properties and has advantages in conveying belt-shaped and viscous materials. The torque can reach 4000N/m, the conveying capacity is 1.5 times that of the traditional shafted screw loading conveyor, the conveying length can reach 60m, and the conveying effect is particularly remarkable. The above is about the introduction of shaftless screw conveyor in conveying sludge and domestic garbage.
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