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Several important parts and safety use of stainless steel conveyor belt

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-10

turn stainless steel conveyor belt conveyor is a kind of metal conveyor machine type, mesh belt conveyor turning in the process of work, many parts don't pay attention to safety use is prone to accidents, in order to avoid damage to the interests of customers, for you a brief introduction of mesh belt conveyor turning several important parts and safety specifications:
1, conveyor mesh belt must have enough strength. It is forbidden to replace the high strength with low intensity belt conveyor belt.

2, tensioning device ( 1) Tension device should be installed limit position limit. Automatic tension device lifting to the limit position, must ensure that automatically cut off the lifting power, and prohibit hoisting signal is given. The present to the limit position, ensure that cut down the power automatically, and banned down signal is given.
( 2) Heavy hammer tension device in personnel usually close to where should add protection device. Protective device should be able to prevent people from entering the heavy hammer the space below, if no such protection device, heavy hammer should be installed under the support device and make it off the ground or other surface the clearance distance of not less than 2. 5m。
3, mesh belt mechanism can move when turning device (
1) The braking device must be in a state of can brake role at any time. The brake friction surface can not have hinder braking performance of defects or stick on the oil.
( 2) The braking device of the normal and emergency use should be eye-catching signs, and facilitate should be located in the location of the operation.
( 3) Discharging car brake should be sensitive and reliable. Its limit clamping device should be able to work under conditions of maximum wind power without being driven with the wind. Set of rail end end shall ensure discharging car derailment, overturned.
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