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Several common factors that affect the work effect of mesh belt conveyors?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-30
Several common factors that affect the work effect of mesh belt conveyors? The mesh belt conveyor is a relatively large conveyor in our industrial manufacturing industry at this stage. It consists of mesh belts, brackets, transmission equipment and other parts. The advantage can be customized angles, and it can be adapted to the factory workshop environment in a wide range. So what are the common factors that affect mesh belt conveyors? Today we will share with you the Lingxian Sunshine Conveying Machinery. The influence of the speed measurement of the mesh belt conveyor: the transfer speed is usually set by our manufacturer, but in some environments, in order to improve work efficiency, customers can customize the speed by themselves. When adjusting the speed, we should consider the turning space And the characteristics of the conveying products, do not blindly pursue high speed; the load impact of the mesh belt conveyor: the mesh belt has different models, and the load carried is also different and large. We recommend that customers choose mesh belt conveyors. When the machine is running, it is necessary to select a loading conveyor with corresponding load capacity reasonably. The stress should be mismatched, which will affect the service life and effect of the conveyor. The later maintenance is also more troublesome; the later maintenance and maintenance: Don’t underestimate this aspect. After the mesh belt loading conveyor is used, we need to regularly check the wear and tear of the soft connection, the lubricant of the motor, and the cleaning of dust, etc., which will affect the use of the conveyor. Sunshine Machinery is a manufacturer of mesh belt conveyors and chain conveyors. It has many years of production design and processing experience. The above is our simple factor analysis.
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