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Selection, Utilization and Operation Specification of Loading Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-16
The company provides all kinds of high-quality loading conveyors throughout the year, exposing the wholesale, customization, and retail of loading conveyors. Since its establishment, the industry has continued to have a good reputation in the industry. We do loading conveyors by persisting and branding.  WY-6010 conveyor is mainly suitable for getting on and off of bagged goods of 10-60 kilograms. Introduction of    WY-6010 conveyor:    WY-6010 conveyor is specially designed for getting on and off of bagged goods, and can be used for any bagged goods within 60 kg. The overall length of the car body is 10 meters and the width is 70 cm. There is a hydraulic device in the middle of the car body, which can adjust the height of the machine head arbitrarily, and the front end of the machine can be adjusted to a height of 4.5 meters. The goods can be directly stored on the second floor in the warehouse, or the goods can be transported directly from the second floor to the carriage, which saves the labor of manually moving the goods up and down, and greatly saves costs.  WY-6010 conveyor features:   1. This loading conveyor only needs 2 people to move to different working addresses at will.  2. Push directly into the carriage, and can work in a carriage about 10 meters deep.  3. When this conveyor is working, the work can be completed by dragging the goods manually, turning the goods forward and unloading them in the reverse direction, and the loading and unloading power can reach 30 pieces of goods per minute.  4. According to the work needs, the conveyor working position can be adjusted in multiple directions, the highest can rise to 4.5 meters, and the lowest can be reduced to 2 meters, which solves the problem of difficult palletizing of heavy goods. Skill description of WY-6010 conveyor:    conveying goods volume: more than 30 pieces/minute contact working time: no less than 24 hours power supply: 380V three-phase (-7%~+7%) 50Hz   working environment temperature: -40~+ Working environment humidity at 45 degrees Celsius: 20%~99%RH  The turning point of view of the fuselage: ±360 degrees The lifting range of the fuselage: 2-4m  WY-6010 conveyor operation instructions:    operation instructions:   Step 1: move the conveyor to the Car address;    second step: move the conveyor to the inside of the carriage;    third step: turn on the power, turn on the switch to work, the side switch is the reverse switch, and the front button is the start switch;    fourth step: according to work requirements, The height of the machine head can be adjusted by the hydraulic device, and the hydraulic controller can be pulled out, the machine head will rise, and when it is pulled inward, the machine head will lower. Note: When lowering, move the controller slowly;    Step 5: When the work is over, unplug the power supply, close the switch, and then move to the designated address. Usually notices:   1, the conveyor should not be wetted by rain to prevent electrical equipment from short-circuiting;   2, the loading conveyor roller bearing is equipped with a grease nipple, and some lubricating oil is required from time to time to ensure the life and smoothness of the roller; Do not use sharp tools to cut the conveyor belt at will to avoid damage to the conveyor belt;    4. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the conveyor.
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