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Selection of conveyor speed of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-07
The environment of the section where the goods are conveyed should be determined according to the height of the belt loading conveyor. It is very appropriate to determine the operating speed in the range of 8-15m/min. If the speed is too high, the loading conveyor will produce greater vibration and noise; the speed is too high. Low, but also make the accumulation of small cars in place. The application of conveyors is not only reflected in the mining and industrial industries that we are familiar with. The production of the food industry that we can touch every day is also inseparable from loading conveyor equipment. It can be seen everywhere in modern food production enterprises. Belt conveyors, belt turning machines, hoists, bottle clamp conveyors, roller conveyors, mesh chain conveyors, screw conveyors and other conveying equipment, and the scope of use of conveying equipment is also widely used in the national economy Various industries in production. The accumulation vehicle group is already in the process operation section during the operation. The running speed is determined by the running distance and conveying volume of the accumulation vehicle group, or determined by the requirements of the technological process, mainly for the technological process. Time is a slow chain that needs to change frequently, and a frequency governor must be used to adjust the running speed of the chain.
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