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Selection of conveyor motor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-06
Motor selection 1. Select motor type According to known working requirements and conditions, choose Y-type fully enclosed cage three-phase asynchronous motor. 2. Selection of motor power The selection of motor power directly affects the working performance and economic performance of the motor. If the power of the selected motor is less than the working requirements, the normal operation of the working machine cannot be guaranteed, and the motor is often overloaded and damaged early. If the power of the motor is too large, the motor often cannot run at full load, and the power factor and efficiency are low, thereby increasing power consumption and causing waste. The high-speed mobile loading conveyor (www.zhanweijixie.com) adopts belt transmission. Because the belt transmission is a flexible transmission, it has good stability, low noise, buffer and vibration absorption. When overloaded, the belt will slip on the pulley to protect other transmissions. Pieces are damaged. The belt drive allows a large center distance, simple structure, convenient manufacturing, installation and maintenance, and low cost. The load capacity is small and should be distributed in the high-speed level. Due to the sliding between the belt and the pulley, the transmission ratio cannot be strictly maintained. The efficiency of the belt is low, and the life of the belt is generally short, and it is not suitable to work in flammable and explosive situations. The low-speed stage adopts gear transmission. The gear transmission has large power transmission, high efficiency, long life, stable operation and high reliability. It can ensure a constant transmission ratio and can be transmitted into a transmission between two shafts at any included angle. However, its manufacturing and installation accuracy, The requirements are higher, which results in higher costs. It is not suitable for transmission with too large distance between shafts. Therefore, it is installed at a low speed. When designing gear transmission, the design criteria should be reasonably determined according to the working conditions and failures of the gear transmission to ensure The gear drive has sufficient load-bearing capacity. Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in grain machinery and equipment. Products are widely used in agriculture, chemical industry, medicine, food, light industry, grain and oil, feed and other industries, which have improved production efficiency to the largest extent. Our factory is willing to work together with you on the journey of pursuing excellence and create brilliance together. Machinery series products: mobile conveyors, grain raking machines, unloading machines, warehousing machines, grain screens, thermal insulation doors and windows, grain retaining doors, grain retaining plates, ventilated ground cages, etc.
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