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Selection method of buried scraper conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-24
2021-03-06 14:00:44 When many customers buy buried scraper conveyors, they don’t know how to choose the model. In fact, no matter which manufacturer, the working principle of our buried scraper conveyor is the same. The model is roughly Divided into horizontal type, large angle type and vertical type. Then the following briefly introduces the factors that need to be considered when selecting the buried scraper conveyor. I hope that it will be helpful when you choose the buried scraper loading conveyor. The buried scraper conveyor is mainly composed of a closed section shell, a scraper chain, a driving device and a tensioning device. The equipment has simple structure, small size, good sealing performance, convenient installation and maintenance; it can feed and discharge at multiple points, and the process selection and layout are more flexible; when conveying flying, toxic, high temperature, flammable and explosive materials , Can improve working conditions and reduce environmental pollution. 1. Material loose density: pu003d0.2~2.5t/m32, material temperature: general model is suitable for material temperature less than 120°C; the temperature of hot material conveying material is 100~450°C, and the instantaneous material temperature is allowed to reach 800 °C. 3. Moisture content: The moisture content is related to the material content and viscosity of the material. Generally, it should be squeezed into a ball by hand and can be loosened.
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