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Selection and application knowledge of chain plate in conveyor industry

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-30
The choice and application of chain plates in the loading conveyor industry know that users who often use chain plate conveyors understand that chain plates are one of the more important parts. This is because the standard chain plate of chain plate conveyors is the bearing surface and is decelerated by the motor. The machine is power transmission. In addition, as a medium for conveying items, the quality of the chain plate and the smoothness of the surface are even more important. So we must pay attention to it when we choose. Generally speaking, the chain plates are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, flat-top chain, etc., which need to choose different widths and different shapes according to your product needs to complete the requirements of flat conveying, flat turning, lifting, and lowering.
Introduction to two common problems in the application of chains in conveyors
Introduction to two common problems in the application of chains in conveyors The application of chains in conveyors is a very common and critical application. Among them, through the application of chain conveyor, it can adapt to various working conditions such as low temperature, dust, toxic media, corrosive media, and rough loading. So today we will focus on introducing two points of knowledge that need to be paid attention to during the application of the chain in the conveyor. Let’s take a closer look: Note 1: If there is a deviation in the tooth pitch of the chain, plus small batches Processing, it is difficult to guarantee the actual effect, including indicators such as diameter and roundness, so we must choose high-quality chains when choosing applications. Note 2: If there is a deviation in the pitch of the chain, it can be improved by replacing the chain. It is important to change a few more to achieve better results. As a standard part, the probability of this possibility is small. I hope that the above application knowledge about the chain can better help everyone to apply.
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