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Screw conveyors are widely used in various industries

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-13
From the perspective of the displacement direction of the conveying materials, screw conveyors are divided into two types: horizontal screw conveyors and vertical screw conveyors. They are mainly used for horizontal conveying of various powder, granular, and small pieces of loose materials. And vertical lifting, the machine is not suitable for conveying special materials that are easily deteriorated, highly viscous, easy to agglomerate or high temperature, afraid of pressure, and highly corrosive. LS type screw loading conveyor is designed and manufactured in accordance with JB/T679-95The role of screw loading conveyor in the coal industry
In the coal mine industry, various factors restrict the efficiency of lump coal. The anti-crushing technology of lump coal completely relies on mechanical principles. The coal flow should slip as quickly as possible to the designated position. Reliable and wear-resistant, low cost, long cycle life, solid skin, no power consumption and other characteristics, have been praised by some coal production enterprises. The customer's commitment to technical service and customer service effectively solved the phenomenon that the lump coal would be broken in various links of underground mining, transportation, washing process, and product storage and transportation. Therefore, the basic research to improve the rate of lump coal is based on several aspects such as production, storage and management. The current typical lump coal anti-crushing technology includes mobile lump coal anti-crushing device, safety telescopic chute lump coal anti-crushing device, flow buffer storage anti-crushing device and conveying device type Rococo coal chute. The types of equipment are in practice. A certain effect has been received in use, but all have a complex system that requires sensors, high energy consumption, unreliable work, high failure rate and other shortcomings.
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