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Screw conveyor selection skills

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-29
2019-12-26 10:28:12 The screw conveyor relies on the rotating screw blade to push the material to realize the conveying. Different materials, output and other conditions affect the selection of the screw conveyor. Today, the editor will introduce you to the blow Selection of screw loading conveyor. The selection of screw conveyor mainly refers to the following points: 1. Material characteristics-spiral blade type and material. Solid spiral blades are mainly used for conveying dry, small particles or powdery materials with low viscosity; belt spiral blades are mainly used for conveying blocks. For materials with high-quality or medium-viscosity; the spiral surface of the blade is mainly used to transport tough or compressible materials that are easy to corrode, and materials with high sanitary requirements need to use stainless steel screw conveyors (such as medicine and food). At the same time, materials with high sanitary requirements are suitable The tightness of the stainless steel screw conveyor bearing chamber and the degree of grinding of the spiral blades have higher requirements. 2. Output-output determines the model. The model (ie pipe diameter) of the screw conveyor determines the output of the screw conveyor. The larger the conveying output, the more hungry the screw conveyor is. 3. Conveying environment-the length or angle length exceeds 15 meters, the wall thickness of the pipe must be 10-15mm; the angle is greater than 30 degrees, high-power motors are used. The conveying environment determines the length and connection mode of the screw conveyor. When the conveying length is large, the thickness of the pipe wall of the screw conveyor must be 10-15mm, otherwise the screw conveyor is easy to break. When the angle of the screw conveyor is larger, the power loss of the motor is larger, and a high-power motor needs to be selected. 4. Accessories-motor/bearing screw conveyor The motor has adjustable speed motor and general motor. The function of the motor is to control the conveying speed, so the motor needs should be clarified when selecting the screw loading conveyor. Screw conveyor suspension bearings are vulnerable parts. In order to prevent materials from entering the bearing and reduce bearing wear, the bushing of the suspension bearing is usually made of iron or aluminum alloy. At the same time, the bearing is equipped with a sealing and lubricating device. The lubrication is generally squeezed into the lubrication by an oil cup. Grease, and install a sealing ring in the bearing. Alright! The screw loading conveyor selection skills have been told to everyone! Hope you can find suitable equipment through the above points.
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