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Salt conveyor chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-06
Wuxi Changrong designs and manufactures screw conveyors and other equipment for industrial systems. Drag chain loading conveyor is a term widely used throughout the material handling industry. Drag chain conveyor is an effective way to move or lift materials and transfer them from one point to another... Drag chain conveyor functions (1) The shell is dust, weather and airtight (2) Move with minimal product degradation Materials (3) provide high hourly capacity (4) low maintenance-only two lubrication points (5) completely enclosed-intrinsically safe (6) lower forging bottom chain design, providing longevity and reliability (7) all-weather operation (8) ) The speed is detected by a zero-speed switch with a protective cover. (9) The segmented drive sprocket is designed to replace the teeth without disassembling the drive shaft. (10) Equipped with an auxiliary spring-loaded chain tensioner (11) Optional catenary Wire tensioning device (12) Wear-resistant structure drag chain loading conveyor options Horizontal, vertical, inclined or horizontal transmission inspection We will conduct a non-material running test in the workshop. We will record high-quality documents and videos and send them to customers when necessary. Customers can go to our factory for final inspection. Packaging Because the drag chain conveyor is heavier, we use steel pallets or steel frames for packaging. How to send us the correct inquiry (1) Transport length (horizontal part and vertical part) (2) Transport direction: horizontal, inclined or vertical (3) Transport capacity u003d? T/H(4) Bulk density of transported materialsu003d? kg/m3 (5) Is the work continuous? (6) The voltage at your location. In China, it is 380 volts, 50 Hz, 3P which seaport is closest to you (8) quantity, the minimum order quantity is 1 set (9) stainless steel or carbon steel (10) surface treatment on the loading conveyor: for stainless steel, there are three methods :a. Pickling; b. Sandblasting; Polishing from 0.1 microns to 3.2 microns. For carbon steel, there is one method: only painting. The paint color meets the requirements.
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