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Safety protection configuration of mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-05
In order to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor and prevent personal injuries and equipment accidents, safety measures for mechanical equipment are taken in terms of management, installation, use and maintenance. Including must abide by-set safety rules, configure the necessary safety protection devices. The safety rules mainly include: In the transmission part of the belt conveyor (such as gears, pulleys, sprocket, etc.), set up a protective cover, and require that the protective cover is not opened when lubricating and checking the bearings. Protective measures are also taken at the easy clamping positions of rotating parts such as rollers and idlers (such as loading points, tensioning devices, convex arc sections, etc.). The openings of the feeding or transfer hopper and the chute are provided with protective devices. Inspection doors are set on the large hopper and chute. When the clear height below the conveyor is less than 1.9m, set up a crossing passage. When the channel is under the conveyor, a canopy made of metal plate or metal mesh is provided. Protective railings shall be provided at ladders, passages, platforms, etc. for personnel to go up and down, check, and maintain. The long grain conveyor (www.xinxingliangji.com) system is equipped with various sound and light signals to help the driver correctly judge the safety of the machine's operation. Except for the designated personnel, no one else may operate or interfere with the operation of the conveyor. In particular, the start-up operation can only be carried out by approved personnel. All operation and maintenance personnel should be trained. Belt conveyors cannot be used to accomplish tasks outside of the design specifications. Ordinary belt conveyors are not allowed to transport people. Do not change the loading point or increase the conveying capacity at will. The conveying belt is wide enough to meet the requirement of material lumpiness, so that the bulk material can be stably placed on the belt surface. There must be no obstacles near the braking device and emergency stop switch. Regularly verify the reliability of the operation of these devices. Conveyors that have stopped due to an accident must not be restarted until the reason for the stop has been clarified and the fault has been eliminated. The adjustment of mechanical, electrical, and safety devices shall be carried out by approved personnel at a designated time. Disassembly and repair of protective covers and baffles can only be carried out when the loading conveyor is stopped and cannot be started. The conveyor can only be used again after the protective cover is reinstalled and the person in charge has received the order.
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