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Safe use and maintenance of suspended conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-28
Conveyors are a wide variety of conveying equipment. In this big family, because of the different work sites, the conveyors also have different models to meet the needs of the work. Today, the machinery is going to introduce the safety of suspended conveyors. Use maintenance. 1  Except for the designated personnel, no one shall start the equipment or interfere with the normal operation of the equipment. 2  After the equipment has stopped in an emergency, it can be started only when the accident is eliminated. 3  The equipment must not be put into use before the protective devices such as straight ladders, inclined ladders, protective railings and platforms are installed. 4  The installation of electrical equipment should comply with the relevant regulations of GBJ 232. 5 The operator should load according to the regulations and shall not be overloaded.  In the obvious position near the loading station, the loading operation procedures should be indicated, and the regulations should include the allowable loading volume, positioning method and limit size. 6 The equipment should be kept in good working condition, especially the driving device, index chain and spreader, and timely maintenance. The fixing condition of the tail end of the hoisting wire rope of the lifting section should be checked once a month. All loading, unloading and operating stations, and suspension conveyor channels should be kept clean and tidy. 7  If the part where the protective device is removed is located in the work area or where people pass, the part must be separated by a fence when the equipment is running to prevent people from approaching. 8  After the protective device is removed from the operating conveyor, maintenance work can only be carried out by designated personnel. The designated personnel should wear tight overalls and be supervised by a dedicated person at the stop switch. 9 The operation and maintenance personnel of the suspension conveyor must be trained and assessed. 10 The inspection, adjustment, maintenance and cleaning of the suspension loading conveyor equipment shall meet the requirements of the manufacturer's technical documents. 11 The suspension conveyor shall not be used to complete tasks other than those specified in the design, nor shall it be used under operating conditions that do not meet the requirements of the product technical documents. 12  During the installation, maintenance, adjustment and use of the suspended conveyor, the circuit shall not be changed arbitrarily to avoid the failure of the safety device. 13  Manual lubrication is forbidden during equipment operation, unless the location of the lubricating parts permits or special devices are equipped to ensure safety. If the lubrication needs to open the guard, the machine should be shut down for lubrication. 14 It is strictly forbidden to rely on or place utensils (ladders, springboards, etc.) on the chain or track. If the management and maintenance personnel have to do this, they should stop the operation. 15 Each set of equipment should be equipped with equipment files that record maintenance, failures, repairs, etc.
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