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Safe operation method of shaftless screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-09
2014-05-04 11:35:24 What are the main safe operation methods for shaftless screw conveyors? Generally speaking, there are mainly the following points: What are the safe operating procedures for screw conveyors? Generally speaking, there are mainly the following, including before operation, during operation and after operation, etc. These regulations play a role in regulation and prevention, so they must be strictly followed. The safe operation rules of the shaftless screw conveyor are: 1. The operator must ensure enough rest before shift to ensure full energy; wear protective equipment before starting the job. 2. During the operation of the screw conveyor, all personnel are not allowed to cross the screw loading conveyor, not to open the cover, and not to allow the human body or other sundries to extend into the screw loading conveyor. 3. The hydraulic torque converter should use the specified oil according to the regulations, maintain a proper oil level, and be equipped with a protective cover. 4. Non-duty personnel are not allowed to operate the conveyor, and non-workers are not allowed to enter the loading conveyor corridor. 5. The screw conveyor is strictly prohibited from overloading and strong conveying. 6. Before operation (1) Check all parts of the machine according to the technical operation regulations and run the test without load to confirm that it meets the requirements for use. Check the communication equipment system to confirm that the contact signal is clear and accurate. (2) After the inspection test meets the conditions of use, the safety confirmation shall be made to the central control, and the safety confirmation time and the name of the confirmer shall be recorded and archived for future reference. 7. During operation (1) Strictly follow the signal instructions of the central control for mechanical operation. (2) It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves to inspect mechanical parts in operation. (3) When manually operating on site, the machine should be started from the discharge end of the machine from back to front; and from the screw head loading end, the machine should be shut down sequentially from front to back. (4) Manipulate and control the conveying volume of the screw conveyor strictly according to the material output requirements to prevent the material from overflowing the bin, overflowing groove or causing strong squeezing in the groove. (5) It is not allowed to open various protective covers and tank covers, and it is not allowed to repair, maintain, and disassemble the machine. (6) Before stopping the operation, unload the materials in the conveyor so that the machine can be stopped after the machine is in an idling state. 8. After the operation (1) Carry out comprehensive cleaning, maintenance, lubrication and rust prevention of the machine. When the machine needs to be sprayed with water, the electrical parts must be covered tightly and protected from moisture. (2) Dust and dehumidify the conveying corridor and the control electronics of the machine. After cleaning, it must be restored and closed as required.
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