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Rules for safe operation of tubular belt conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-23
1 Purpose

Regulate employee behavior, standardize operation, and ensure personal and equipment safety.

2 Ranges

For safe operation and routine maintenance of belt conveyors.

3 Risk identification

Object strike, mechanical injury, electric shock, fire, other injury (smell disorder)

4 Protective equipment

Hard hat, labor insurance Clothes, safety shoes, dust masks

5 Operation process

5.1 Before starting the machine

5.1.1 Make sure that there are no people or obstacles on the equipment and that the safety protection facilities are in good condition.

5.1.2 Check whether the adhesive tape, reducer oil level, cleaner and guide chute are normal and whether the fasteners are loose.

5.1.3 Confirm that the protective devices such as the pull rope, deviation, emergency stop and speed switch of the belt conveyor are in good condition. The pull rope and emergency stop switch cannot be restored automatically, and must be restored manually.

5.1.4 Before starting the machine, it must be confirmed by on-site personnel, upper and lower processes, and central control operators.

5.2 Running

5.2.1 It is strictly forbidden to touch the running parts, it is strictly forbidden to start the machine to clear the material, and it is strictly forbidden to go over and cross the belt.

5.2.2 The material can be unloaded only after the belt loading conveyor is running normally, and it is strictly forbidden to force it to start when overloaded.

5.2.3 Check whether the sound, vibration and temperature of the motor, reducer and each roller bearing are normal.

5.2.4 Check whether the tape is damaged, torn, expanded, or misaligned, and whether each tape joint is damaged or bulged.

5.2.5 It is strictly forbidden to adjust the belt when the machine is turned on.

5.2.6 Check whether the rotating parts are flexible.

5.2.7 Check whether the rubber stopper is damaged, whether the blanking slide is leaking, blocking, and whether the fasteners are loose.

5.2.8 Check whether the tape slips and whether the counterweight runs smoothly.

5.2.9 Stop the machine after confirming that the material is empty.

5.3 Maintenance and overhaul

5.3.1 Before dealing with faults such as pipe expansion, reverse wrapping, and folding, it is necessary to go through the power outage procedures, contact the central control for confirmation, and at least remove the two groups before and after the fault. For supporting rollers, at least two people should cooperate in cleaning, one person is responsible for opening the belt, and the other person clears the blockage.

5.3.2 Do a good job of hygienic cleaning after the equipment is stopped, check the condition of the tape joints, whether the anchor bolts and other fasteners are loose, and replace the damaged idler in time.

5.3.3 When overhauling or maintaining the equipment, you must go through the power outage procedures, and lock it out, and press the emergency stop and zero position on the spot.

5.3.4 When adjusting the deviation of the belt, the start and stop equipment must be confirmed by on-site personnel, the central controller, and the guardian, and at the same time, personnel should be arranged in the power distribution room to monitor.

5.3.5 After the maintenance is completed, restore the temporarily dismantled safety protection facilities, do a good job in site cleaning, go through power transmission procedures, and make relevant records.

6 Emergency Measures

6.1 After an object strike accident occurs, the injured should be rescued immediately and treated according to the injury situation.

6.2 When mechanical injury occurs, the source of danger should be cut off first to prevent secondary injury, and the treatment should be carried out according to the injury situation.

6.3 When an electric shock occurs, cut off the power supply, so that the electric shock person can get rid of the electric shock as soon as possible.

6.4 When a fire occurs, the danger source should be cut off first, and fire-fighting equipment should be activated on the spot to put out the fire; if necessary, the company-level emergency rescue plan should be activated.

6.5 For belt conveyors in operation, if the conveyor belt is on fire, it should be stopped first and then put out the fire. If the idler is on fire, it should be put out first and then shut down.

6.6 In case of olfactory disorder caused by incorrect configuration of labor protection products for a long time, symptoms such as epigastric discomfort, nausea, and fatigue occur, work should be stopped as soon as possible, and the patients should enter the fresh air area for replacement and recovery. Take ten drops of water, apply wind oil essence, cool oil and other medicines.

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