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Roller drum conveyor chain conveyor and contrast

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-02
First roller drum conveyor: it is a kind of simple structure and application of a wide range of conveying equipment, composed of a series of roller are arranged according to certain spacing, mainly used for transporting materials in pieces or tray materials. To ensure the stability of material movement on the roll, the material and the bottom of the tray must be continuous along the conveying direction bearing surface, and the bearing surface shall be at least four contact roller, the roller and length of a quarter. Roll back can be no capability, material in and out of force outside move; Roller can also be decorated with a certain slope, depend on the material weight of moving from one place to another. The disadvantage is that the mobile gravity roller speed control day method, collision, so usually speed roller at the end of the table. Motorized roller conveyors have stable conveying speed, generally there are a variety of types, all through the tension wheel drive roller chain in single phase, when the material dimension is longer, roller spacing is bigger, use this plan is better. Through the roll material to move in the opposite direction. This way may be too late put a roller to control material selection on the roller table zhe, zhao in the sequence between the cache. In addition, there is - Kind of solution is each roll with a motor and a speed reducer drive, this way alone replacement maintenance more convenient, but the cost is higher. Roller conveyors to is straight, transmission can also change the direction of transmission, the available tapered roller press fan-shaped arrangement to achieve. And chain scraper conveyor are as follows: this kind of conveyor chain sprocket drive work in traction, chain tong address below slide bearing sleeve roller on the link, the material direct pressure on the chain, the chain of mobile. Chain conveyor has many forms, wide application, the two sets of roller chain of Jane a simple chain conveyor. When made into special shape chain month, can install all kinds of accessories, such as plate, forming slat conveyor and flat conveyor
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