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Roller conveyor technical characteristics is analyzed

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-30
Roller conveyor has simple structure, high reliability, convenient in operation and maintenance, so it was welcomed by many industries, it can complete all kinds of boxes, bags, trays and other pieces of cargo transport, bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be placed on pallets or transport turnover box. The next and small make up to look at! A, roller conveyor equipment is suitable for all kinds of boxes, bags, trays and other pieces of cargo transport, bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be placed on pallets or turnover box. Can carry for a lot of material, or bear a larger impact load. Structure: according to the drive mode can be divided into power roller conveyor equipment and no power roller conveyor line, according to decorate a form can be divided into horizontal transportation drum line, inclined transportation drum line and turning drum line. Also can according to customer request special design, in order to meet the requirements of various customers. Standard gauge drum line width is 200, 300, 400, 500, 1200 mm, etc. Other special specifications can also according to customer requirement. Turning drum line standard turning radius is 600, 900, 1200 mm, etc. , other special specifications can also according to customer requirement. Straight segment roller roller diameter is used in the 38, 50, 60, 76, 89 mm, etc. Second, choice of the length of the roller: different width of goods suitable for the width of roller, generally adopts & other; Deliver content + 50 mm & throughout; 。 2, cylinder wall thickness and diameter of axle choice: according to the conveying material weight evenly distributed to the contact of the roller, calculate each roller bearing, so as to determine the drum wall thickness and diameter of axle. 3, drum materials and surface treatment: according to the flow of different environment, determine the drum material and surface treatment (adopted by the Black carbon steel galvanized, stainless steel, or plastic bags) 。 4, and the choice of roller installation method: according to the specific requirements of the whole conveyor, choose the installation of the roller way: spring pressure into the type, the tooth shaft, the flat tenon type, shaft pin hole type and so on. For tapered roller of bend machine, the roller surface width and taper depending on the size and turning radius. Three, roller at the beginning of the main production car at the beginning of the roll body, static balance correction, the shaft head interference assembly welding and essence and the school. If tolerance of activities such as roundness and cylindricity and straightness requirement in 0. Under 2 mm, need after finish turning cylindrical grinder or roll grinding machine grinding. For surface hardness requirements, need to increase the heat treatment process. Roller forming, for anti-rust anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and the need of support, also need to surface treatment or coating, such as painting, galvanized, TEFLON coating, rubber coating, chrome plating, ceramic coating and oxidation process. To prolong the service life of roller, roller maintenance work must be done. 1. Regular cleaning roller with dust and other foreign body. 2. Regularly check whether roller shell and cover welding firmly. 3. Good lubrication, reducing wear and tear of the loss. 4. Avoid overload operation, prolong the service life of roller.
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