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Roller conveyor structure and characteristics

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-30
Brief, roller conveyer structure is mainly composed of frame, roller, drive equipment, transmission equipment, electrical equipment, accessories, etc. Brief roller conveyer roller conveyer structure is put in on both sides of the structure between several rolls of successive transport equipment, mainly used to transport machine has certain rules shape or straight into pieces at the bottom of the items, such as tank containers, pallets, etc. Unpowered roller conveyer roller conveyer points and the power roller conveyer ( Roller table) 。 1, unpowered roller conveyer: without their own equipment, transmission equipment, electric equipment, two major part is only by the rack and the drum, between the structure of some of the roll or roller surface can make level, rely on human advance objects in transport. But make it down also have smaller Angle, make the items on its own gravity component in the direction of transport and deliver on its own. 2, power roller conveyer: equipment, transmission equipment, electric equipment, Optional) Between with the drive device driver is installed on the structure put all or part of the roll, rely on the roll and deliver goods by the conflict, finish delivery function. 1 roller conveyer structure characteristics, flexible layout, with a straight line, turning, tilting, shipping lines, according to the demand of branch, confluence and other forms of transport routes, and shipping line is easy to be closed. 2, compact connection method briefly: can use lifts make up the difference requirements, process and equipment of three-dimensional transport line, easy to form a complete set of production technology and equipment connection. 3, a variety of functions: with gravity type, dynamic type such as type, set in the form of a variety of transport and store goods, in shipping line items can be completed on the reverse, flip and lifting, to satisfied the requirement of technological process. Disadvantages: less but as a result of the roll gap, making lines on the roll number is more, in the delivery of interval phase at the same time, the equipment investment is higher than other shipping method. Roller conveyor is easy to link of filtering, can use multiple drum lines and other transmission equipment or special complex logistics delivery system, to complete the various technological needs. Product can be used to put the accumulation of material conveying roller implementation. Roller conveyor has simple structure, high reliability, convenient in operation and maintenance. The frame material: carbon steel coating, stainless steel, aluminum. Motivation: gear motor drive, electric drum drive form. Driving mode: single wheel, double chain, O belt, plane friction transmission belt, synchronous belt, etc. Speed adjustment way: frequency control, stepless speed change, etc. Power roller line chain tensile strength, the longest single wire length is generally not more than 10 meters. Custom roller conveyor please call or please make sure the following technical parameters: 1, transmission length, width and height of the object; 2, each conveying unit weight; 3, conveying material at the bottom of the status; 4, any special requirements on the working environment ( Such as: the influence of humidity, high temperatures, chemicals, etc. ) ; 5, conveyor is a dynamic type or motor drive type.
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