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Roller conveyor maintenance in the daily work of 'up'

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-29
This article briefly describes about roller conveyor maintenance in daily work, no matter what instrument equipment, to conduct regular maintenance training, here small make up will briefly explain about roller conveyor maintenance in daily work, has the need to customers can have a look. Roller conveyor as commonly used conveying machinery equipment manufacturing industry, the normal work before the industry can make the profit in dam, in the midst of the roller conveyor work to periodic lubrication parts of equipment, conveyor accessories of regular cleaning and daily maintenance. Roller conveyor conveyor equipment should pay attention to when making parts lubrication the working principle of the roller conveyor is a common equipment, should be regularly to the gear mesh, arrange ushering bearing oil hole and the movement forces in filling oil lubrication. Per shift time, must do it day in and day out, for the roller conveyor belt is the most easy to wear and tear of equipment, working on the roller conveyor filling lubricating oil, please note that don't put the oil on the belt, in case of lost due to skid transfer or belt premature damage of old. In the working parts of the roller conveyor speed reducer is an important component of the equipment, reducer are strictly prohibited without oil removal, for the first time after 300 hours of operation for cleaning machine internal change new oil, then oil change every work 2500 hours.
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