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Roller conveyor maintenance

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-02
Roller conveyor confidential to increase use time of life, then, that is, to pay attention to in the production of transport operation, solve the roller rotation is not flexible and the phenomenon of wear, and various industrial enterprise production environment and the nature of the transport material. When production enterprises in the production environment is relatively humid circumstances, should be timely clean the roller conveyor and lubrication, this also is can reduce roll wear and ensure the service life of equipment. If roller device in the conveyor speed is faster, because the material impact larger happens, and cause the deformation of the roller will lower the drive roller service life at this time, so need to pay attention to avoid this situation. It was also because of this, it need production operation personnel of roller conveyor, in time to change and maintain. Cylinder conveyor in application, not only better play the role of improving enterprise production ability, also greatly reduces the labor intensity of production transportation workers; At the same time, this time is good for manufacturing enterprise to save the production cost, can more effectively reduce the transition in various industrial enterprise production resource consumption and waste. In order to better use roller conveyor equipment, it is because of this, this equipment in use, each industrial enterprise need for regular maintenance. , of course, is the industrial business after long time use of roller conveyor, the emergence of more or less some mechanical aspects of the problem. As above, the cause of the failure of roller conveyor also has a lot of kinds, it is because of this, we need to know about the roller conveyor in the process of enterprise daily production transportation operation, which can occur in a fault, also is to pay attention to go according to what happened after the cause of the problem in time for replacement and maintenance, in order to better achieve the purpose of increasing the service life of roller conveyor.
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