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Roller conveyor is introduced

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-22

Roller conveyor is suitable for conveying flat items, mainly by the drive roller, rack, rack, drive parts and other parts. Have big delivery, speed, light weight, the characteristics of fast operation, can realize many varieties of common line partial delivery of the goods. Roller conveyor is easy to connect and filtering, you can use multiple roller and other transportation equipment or dedicated machine to form complex logistics delivery system. Structure: according to the drive mode, can be divided into dynamic roll line and the power roller line, according to the layout form and can be divided into horizontal conveyor line, tilt and steering roller conveyor line. Also can be designed according to customer's requirement, in order to meet the requirements of various customers. Standard roller line width is 200, 300, 400, 500, 1200 mm, etc. Other specifications can also according to customer needs to use. Drum line standard turning radius is 600, 900, 1200 mm, etc. , can also according to customer's need to use the other specifications. Directly used in the surface of roller roller diameter, 50, 60, 76, 89, 38 mm, etc. 


  1. Frame materials: carbon steel welded, stainless steel, aluminum. 2. Motivation: gear motor drive, electric drive roller and other forms. 

 3. Driving mode: single wheel, double chain, O type belt, surface friction transmission belt, synchronous belt and so on. 

 4. Speed adjustment way: frequency control of motor speed, stepless variable speed power drum line such as considering the tensile strength of the chain, single line length is usually not more than 10 meters. Roller conveyor 1 for custom. The length of the delivery object, the width and height; 2. The weight of each transmission unit; 3. The bottom of the conveying material conditions; 4. If there are other work environment requirements ( For example, the influence of humidity, high temperatures, chemicals, etc. ) ;

 5. No power or motor driven conveyor. In order to ensure that the goods transportation, make at least three roller contact with transport objects. For the soft bag packing, should add the tray. Scope of application: roller conveyor is applicable to transport all kinds of boxes, bags, trays and other goods. Need to bulk materials, small items or irregular items on pallets or in transfer case. It can transport unit weight or under high impact load. The connection between the roller line and filtering is easy. More than you can use the roller table and other conveyor or dedicated machine to form complex logistics transportation system, to complete a variety of process requirement. 

 Accumulation of roller can be used to implement material accumulation and transportation. Roller conveyor has simple structure, high reliability, easy to use and maintenance of the professional engaged in automatic production line, assembly line, automated library system, various kinds of transportation equipment and other equipment, such as automation machinery and equipment, belt conveyor, conveying machinery equipment, etc
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