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Roller conveyor in daily use of maintenance

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-01
With the development of science and technology, industrial automation has become the pillar industry of national economy, industrial automation is changing people's mode of production. Due to China's potentially huge market and abundant labor resources, the world's industrial production to China, and China became the world's manufacturing power, some products such as roller conveyors in China has been ranked in the world's production. Weakness of the roller conveyor line automatic conveying equipment is a very important product. Used in industrial production, the production material to carry on horizontal direction, in the vertical direction transmission materials production, and along the tilt direction transmission materials production. Human capital ascension requires the enterprise to realize the automatic machinery production, with large processing enterprises of production line is a kind of weak drum line, roller conveyor has simple structure, high reliability, convenient operation and maintenance. Unpowered roller adaptive range unit used for wood, paper, plastic goods delivery in with this face. Unpowered roller of roller conveyor equipment commonly used types. It is one of the main transmission parts production line, due to the drum line powerless, don't need to use with variable conveying devices to use the cylindrical component in the direction of the external power. According to the external force, pallets of material movement and transportation is suitable for conveying various kinds of boxes, bags, trays and other goods. In bulk, small items or irregular transportation on the tray or turnover box. Although can't join in the process of production line of drum rotational speed, but don't neglect its existence, in the process of the body of the online operation, the hands and feet into the roller, there may be accidents. Although it is very convenient to use the roller conveyor, repair and maintenance is very good. Use is very simple, but we can not ignore the roller conveyor as an example, the maintenance, such as roller conveyor lubrication, is not a problem cone, until the accumulation of big problem, we would not be so easy to solve. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the performance and characteristics of unpowered roller conveyor, ensure good operation of mechanical equipment, prolong the service life of mechanical products, the inability to roller rotating flexible check, have abnormal sound, and ensure the roller conveyor line can't work in all areas clean and tidy.
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