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Research status and applications of piezoelectric vibration plate feeding device

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-15
With the popularity of automatic and semi-automatic in various economic sectors, automatic feeding device has become an indispensable part of the production line, in its structure, noise, working principle, transmission precision and ease control put forward higher requirements. And the traditional electromagnetic vibration feeding device can not meet the requirements of the status quo. So over the past decade, driven by piezoelectric ceramics as the source of supply of new type of vibration device is developing rapidly. Piezoelectric vibration feeding device is a pressure point technology was applied to vibration feeding device of a new type of vibration. Inverse piezoelectric effect produces vibration, and drive slot as the driving source to realize the material conveying. ( 1) Research status at home and abroad, the structure and working principle of this new type of vibration feeder different from the traditional electromagnetic or mechanical drive vibration feeder, therefore has the traditional vibration feeder does not have many features: 1) Simple structure, more convenient installation and maintenance; ( 2) Piezoelectric sheet is used as the driving source, without the need for such as motor, drive, such as electromagnetic exciter and such as axis, pole and belt such as mechanical transmission parts. Simple structure, easy to manufacture; ( 3) By changing the driving signal of the amplitude, pulse width and frequency of any one, can adjust transmission rate, a lot of control parameters, good controllability; ( 4) No moment of inertia, almost no deceleration process, stop quickly, fast response; ( 5) Does not produce interference of electromagnetic field, and is not affected by electromagnetic interference signal; ( 6) Work on low frequency or the ultrasonic wave, low noise; ( 7) Work in resonance or not under the resonance condition, reduce the energy consumption; ( 8) Drive slightly enough to transporting materials in overweight, so this type of equipment is mainly used for fine trace material conveying. Piezoelectric vibration feeding device is a breakthrough in the field of vibration feeding. At home and abroad researchers have studied the different levels of science and technology, and achieved some results. According to the material progress way, they can be divided into straight and spiral. The two types. Foreign research status in the developed industrial area, Japan and the United States are representative, especially in Japan. On the theory of piezoelectric vibration feeding device, the design and calculation of research is thorough and complete, and also introduced a variety of new and special type. The mechanism of vibration feeding device. Vibration conveyors for straight into type piezoelectric drivers, Japan has developed three types of devices. The first type of structure is the use of piezoelectric bimorph pressure panels. When the alternating current (ac) are added to the piezoelectric bimorph crystals produce periodic bending transfer, and thus drive can tilt to transfer, so as to realize the material conveying. The second structure of piezoelectric patches, it also USES bimorph crystal pieces. The third structure, instead of using double piezoelectric crystal plate, applied to a voltage alternating current (ac) on the panels with the opposite phase. The feeding device of the spiral piezoelectric vibration of piezoelectric vibration feeding device abroad study has made great progress. In addition to the common features of them, they also has its own unique features: ( 1) Piezoelectric patches on the degree of direction on stretching vibration mode; ( 2) Using a special manufacturing bimorph or a reverse voltage applied to a pair of piezoelectric body, not only increased the cost of production, and greatly increased the demand for power supply; ( 3) Direct piezoelectric vibration feeding device adopts the vibration feeder components and groove support components separate way, simplifies the vibration element stress system. ( 4) Need to increase the vibration body to expand the vibration amplitude and complicate the device structure; ( 5) The second structure is straightforward and spiral piezoelectric vibration feeding device and the fuel tank ( Material boat) Support components and vibration components are separated, but still bear material box vibration element ( Material boat) The weight of the. ) And cause vibration of the material component under complex force, it will affect the stability of the equipment; ( 6) Spiral piezoelectric vibration feeding device of a second straight through the structure and vibration components adopt the method of fixed installation, impose great constraint on container transport, to overcome this constraint will consume more energy; The domestic research status in our country the study of piezoelectric vibrating feeder level still lags behind that of developed areas, rarely molding products. On the automatic production line or equipment of domestic manufacturers of most of the piezoelectric vibrating feeder from Japan and the United States and other manufacturing industries. Relatively developed area.
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