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Requirements for food belt conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-22
According to the transportation and delivery systems of different food production industries, the food production lines are invested in: food belt conveyors, food mesh belt conveyors, food roller conveyors, food plate chain conveyors, etc. Because of its large conveying capacity and long conveying distance, the food assembly line can efficiently carry out continuous and repeated operations in the production operation, and has a strong rhythm. In recent years, we have accelerated the adjustment of the food industry structure, promoted industrial transformation and upgrading, and built a modern food industry system with Chinese characteristics. The industry concentration of the domestic food industry has greatly increased, the scale of enterprises has increased, and the production capacity has increased, and the production efficiency and automation of equipment have also been affected. Further requirements. Therefore, automated food belt conveyor equipment has ushered in a greater market opportunity. So what are the requirements for food belt conveyors? The whole frame of the food belt loading conveyor equipment is made of stainless steel. Common stainless steels are 304, 316, etc. Stainless steel will not cause corrosion, pitting, rusting or wear. It has corrosion resistance, enhanced strength, steel deformation and is not easy to crack, and is environmentally friendly. It is not easy to rust. Suitable for use in harsh environments (indoor and outdoor environments such as humidity, acid and alkali). In addition to the use of stainless steel in the frame of the stainless steel food belt conveyor equipment, for companies with high food hygiene requirements, the conveyor belt must also use food-grade PU loading conveyor belts. PU conveyor belts are widely used in the food industry or food bulk, tins, and packaging. Food, biscuits, candy, fruit and vegetable processing, poultry and meat processing and other related industries. Food-grade belt conveyors have the characteristics of oil resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and cutting resistance. Polyurethane (PU) loading conveyor belts use specially treated high-strength synthetic polyurethane fabrics as the supporting framework, and the coating layer is made of polyurethane (PU) resin. It not only has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good bending, lightness, thinness, and toughness of ordinary conveyor belts, but also oil resistance, non-toxic and hygienic, and easy to clean. This type of conveyor belt is in full compliance with the US FDA sanitary standards, is wear-resistant and resistant to physical aging, and is a durable conveying product. The above is about the requirements for food belt conveyors. If you have any questions, please contact us at 021-31136125. More Belt Conveyors: Turning Belt Climbing Belt Knife Edge Belt
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