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Repairs and maintenance of belt conveyor belt!

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-23
Belt conveyor equipment maintenance requirements has four main: & emsp;   Cleaning: clean both inside and outside the whole mining machinery equipment, the sliding surface, screw, rack, gear box, the place such as oil hole without oil, each part do not leak, do not leak, equipment around the chip, debris, dirt, mechanical engineer to clean;     Second, neat, tools, accessories, artifacts ( Products) Be placed neatly, pipe, line should be organized;     Three, good lubrication: gas or oil change on time, keep oil, swear 'phenomenon, oil pressure is normal, the bright oil, oil, oil conform to the requirements of the tianjin machinery, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum clean;     Four, safety: to observe the safety operating rules, do not overload use equipment, complete and reliable equipment to liugong machinery safety protection device, in a timely manner to eliminate unsafe factors.     Belt conveyor maintenance content generally includes routine maintenance, regular maintenance, regular mechanical inspection and precision inspection, maintenance equipment lubrication and cooling system is an important content for equipment maintenance.     Equipment daily maintenance of washing machine is a fundamental work for equipment maintenance, achieve institutionalization and standardization. The formulation of the regular maintenance of equipment maintenance work to norm and material consumption quota, and according to the quota evaluation, equipment preventive maintenance should be incorporated into the contract responsibility system, evaluation content. Equipment regular check mechanical industry is a systematic preventive inspection, inspection means besides person senses, will also have to check the tools and instruments, according to the regular check card, check and some mechanical drawing software called check regularly. To precision mechanical equipment should also check to determine the actual precision equipment quality.
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