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Repairing Technology of Spline Shaft of Belt Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-22

At present, the connection between the belt loading conveyor and the reducer used in the underground coal transportation system of our mine is all through gears

The spline connection of the coupling, although the transmission torque is large, the spline of the loading conveyor is prone to rolling keys, resulting in transmission failure. In the past, this situation was encountered, because the conveyor and the shaft were connected in a non-detachable way, so they were all scrapped.

Send the machine, causing a great waste. Therefore, the repair process of the conveyor spline shaft is proposed.

shaft splines are straight

The diameter is generally about φ110, the depth of the spline is 4mm, and there are two screw holes for fixing the gear coupling M12 on the end face of the shaft, and the distance between the two holes is

is 70mm. According to this structure, we decided to carve the damaged spline to φ70 first, and match the car with an interference fit according to this size.

Sleeve and mill out the splines, then heat the spline sleeve to about 600°C, install it on the turned shaft, and finally install it on the shaft end

Drill two holes with a hole distance of 70mm and tap them. These two screw holes can not only play the original role, but also play the role of the shaft and the sleeve.

The stabilizing effect of the nail.

Since we determined the above transformation process, we have used this process to repair 7 conveyors

, the use effect is good, so far there is no rolling key phenomenon, thus ensuring the normal use of the underground raw coal transportation system equipment. If you have any questions after reading the above, please call our hotline, sincerely for

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