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Relevant technical knowledge of installing screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-18
2012-08-10 08:22:27 The foundation stone of the fixed screw loading conveyor should be poured 20 days in advance. The foundation stone should be strong and unsinkable to ensure sufficient stability during operation. The parts of the equipment should be cleaned before installation. The flange surfaces of the adjacent casings should be connected and smooth, and the misalignment deviation at the joints of the inner surface should not exceed 2 mm. The bearings of each intermediate suspension of the loading conveyor should be reliably fixed on the casing. On the ears, the spiral rotation should be even after connection to prevent jamming. The coaxiality of the main shaft and the geared motor shaft should conform to GB1184-80. After the chassis is installed, the base bolts should be tightened before the anchor bolts. The on-site installation of the inlet and outlet should make the flange supporting surface of the material inlet and the screw The axis of the main body of the machine is parallel, and the flanges connected to it should fit closely without gaps. After installation, check whether the lubricating oil in each oil storage place is sufficient. After a continuous 4-hour no-load test run, check the correctness of the screw machine assembly, the operation should be stable and reliable, the fasteners should not be loose, the bearing temperature is not too high and 30℃, The reducer has no oil leakage and abnormal sound. The electrical appliances and couplings must be safe and reliable. The power of the loading conveyor when it is running without load should not exceed 30% of the rated power.
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