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Reasons for the wear of conveyor rollers

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-07
The roller is an important part of the conveyor, and its use status directly affects the normal operation and production of the conveyor, but the problem of roller wear sometimes occurs during the use of the machine. In order to avoid this problem, the loading conveyor manufacturer has listed the following reasons for this problem:    1. The design gap between the conveyor roller bracket and the roller is too small, and at the same time, the building foundation has reserved holes The longitudinal distance is less than the distance of the roller support.   2. The deposits on the return journey have not been cleaned up, forming a pile of debris and causing friction on the adhesive layer.  3. During operation, the mechanical belt tension is too large, which causes the traction to change.  4. The longitudinal distance of the reserved holes in the foundation is less than the distance of the roller bracket, which leads to the delay in handling the deposits and causes the rubber lining of the roller to wear.   If we want to fundamentally solve the problem of loading conveyor roller wear, we need to understand what causes this problem. After the above introduction, we have learned that the use environment is an important reason for the wear of the conveyor roller. Therefore, we can properly modify it to adapt to the needs of production, so that it can be used for a longer time.
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