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Reasons for the failure of conveyor rollers

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-07
rollers have two types: driving roller and reversing roller. The driving roller is the main part of transmitting power. If the roller fails, the performance of the conveyor will be greatly reduced. If we want to keep the machine running efficiently, we need to know what caused the failure of the roller, so that we can take effective measures to avoid it. The main reasons for the failure of the conveyor roller are as follows:    1. The brake discs on both sides of the conveyor roller are defective, causing failure.   2. The air pump of the drum is abnormal, and the air pipe is leaked or blocked, which leads to failure.   3. The friction belt of the roller becomes loose, or the friction factor drops, causing failure.   4. The operating brake switch system of the drum fails, causing it to fail. Generally speaking, the reasons leading to the failure of the loading conveyor roller are mainly the above four points. When we use this machine, if the problem of roller failure occurs, we can analyze from the above four aspects to take effective measures. If we cannot solve it by ourselves, You can consult a professional by phone, or hand it over to the loading conveyor manufacturer for solution.
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