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Reasons for the application of frequency conversion motor on the turntable of the conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-04
Everyone knows that when our family does not have a motor, the generator can meet the situation of no electricity during a power outage. At the same time, it can allow large enterprises to continue their operations without the power outage crisis. Then the conveyor also needs a motor. Used, it can satisfy the conveyor with the maximum power. It's like using it on the turntable of a conveyor.     1. Why use a variable frequency motor on the conveyor turntable?     On the conveyor turntable, there is a motor, and the reason for using a variable frequency motor is mainly for two, one is to control the conveying speed, and the other is to realize the positive and negative conveying of the conveyor.     Therefore, if it is an ordinary motor, it cannot meet the requirements of use, while a variable frequency motor can meet the above requirements.     2. The belt conveyor is a kind of loading conveyor, if it conveys bulk materials, what is the bulk density of the conveyed material?     And, what are the calculations for this conveyor? The belt conveyor in the conveyor can be used to transport bulk materials, and there is a certain range in the loose density of the materials, which is 500-2500kg/m3. The calculation of      belt conveyor mainly includes the calculation of the conveying capacity, the calculation of the conveying power, and the calculation of the strength of each component, mainly for these three, and none of them are indispensable. Among them, first of all, it is necessary to calculate the conveying capacity, and this is also an important task.     3. Can the conveyor chain in the chain conveyor be used for a long time?     Among the various parts of the chain conveyor, it can be said that the conveyor chain is an important part because it is used for conveying work.     Therefore, its use will affect the conveying effect of the conveyor. In the use of this part, long-term use should be avoided.    Because the chain plate will experience fatigue damage, small cracks or even breakage after long-term use, so this specific requirement is required. The motor of the conveyor is very important. When it encounters a failure, the turntable of the conveyor cannot run, but with an up-conversion motor, the voltage of the power supply will be stable, so that you can make the conveyor better Stable work is good.
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