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Reasons for rust spots on the electric roller of the conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-06
As a new type of driving device, electric rollers have been widely used in various industries as the driving devices of conveying machinery and other equipment. The main advantages of the electric drum are compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable operation, reliable work, good sealing performance, small space occupation, and convenient installation and maintenance. So what is the reason for the rust spots on the electric drum of the conveyor? ? Let's analyze it together. 1. The electroplating time is not enough, which belongs to the problem of the process; 2. The air circulation in the place where the electric roller of the loading conveyor is stored is not good or humid, or there may be a large temperature difference; 3. If the packaging seal is damaged, it will also cause the loading conveyor The electric drum is oxidized and rust spots appear; 4. Another important point is that the dirt on the surface of the conveyor electric drum is not cleaned well before electroplating, which is also one of the reasons for the appearance of rust spots. Electric rollers are suitable for working in various harsh environmental conditions. It puts the motor and the reducer together inside the drum body, thereby improving the efficiency of drum transmission. Therefore, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of the electric roller to ensure the normal use of the loading conveyor.
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