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Reasonable Design and Installation of Unpowered Roller Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-10

Characteristics of the unpowered roller loading conveyor: the outer casing of the conveyor is made of steel pipe through the method

The parts are connected as a whole, the inlet and outlet and the angle of inclination can be designed according to the site conditions, and can also be designed to adjust the inclination

The way of oblique angle. The biggest feature of the unpowered roller conveyor is that there are universal wheels installed under the equipment, which can be moved at will.

It is especially suitable for bulk material loading and other unfixed positions. The spiral blade of this machine is made of disc-shaped steel strip rolling or single-piece welding.

Integrated continuous blade. The mobile screw conveyor can be continuously connected whether it is horizontal, inclined or vertical.

Good sealing, no dust leakage. Its spiral body diameter is small, the rotation speed is high, and the conveying capacity is large, and it is especially suitable for inclined and vertical

Direct delivery. There are carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials in the material. Prevent material from adhering to the gap between the pipe wall; sealed structure to reduce dust

Outside; This product can be customized and installed according to customer and on-site requirements.

Unpowered roller conveyors are widely used in feed, chemical, food

Product processing, and grain processing, grain and grain storage, various additives, and transportation of bulk materials in construction and other industries. screw

The rotary conveyor has a novel structure and good sealing performance. It can stop intermediate loading and multi-point loading at several positions. It is safe and easy to operate.

Rely on. The mobile screw conveyor is a new type of screw loading conveyor developed by Shanghai Yuyin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Native Features

It has the advantages of high efficiency, simple structure, adjustable height, convenient operation and maintenance, and the bottom is equipped with a universal wheel, which is flexible in movement and can be easily adjusted manually.

It can be pushed forward. The commonly used screw diameter is 100mm~600mm. The material is generally carbon steel or stainless steel.

Using length and lifting height can be customized according to user's request.

Our company has first-class conveyor equipment designers, which can handle various complex materials stop rational design, and

No Simple stop The so-called 'equipment selection' is based on the rationality of the system, the innovation of technology, the economy of input and output, etc.

In terms of hands-on, we design the delivery requirements to meet various products. Sophisticated equipment, strong technical force, advanced production technology

Technology, rich experience in dust removal equipment production, sound management and perfect ISO quality assurance system, complete testing means, can

Guaranteed to provide you with high-quality products and services.
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