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QHow to choose the sensor for roller conveyor accessories

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-07-28

The sensor is the most important conveying accessory in the roller conveyor. The realization of automatic and intelligent conveying depends on it.

Detect materials. In the previous article, we analyzed the components of the sensor of the roller conveyor accessories. In this article, we will talk about it today.

Speak about how to choose the sensor of the roller loading conveyor accessories. The sensor of the roller conveyor accessories is detected during the operation.

A kind of transducer that converts various physical changes of images into electrical signals. It is mainly used to detect the system itself and the work object, work

The state of the business environment provides information for more effective control of the system's actions. The sensor of the loading conveyor accessories of the roller conveyor can be used according to the required geographical location detection device and visual sensor.

1. Position detection device At the beginning of the design of the roller conveyor, when the cylinder performs an action, a corresponding position detection device should be installed.

The position detection action is in place, the common position detection device is the stroke shape. The travel switch, also known as the limit switch, is a

According to the travel position of the moving parts, the electrical appliance switches the circuit, which is used to control the travel and limit protection of the mechanical equipment. in real life

During production, install the travel switch at the pre-arranged position, when the module installed on the moving parts of the production machinery hits the travel

When switching, the contacts of the travel switch act to realize the switching of the circuit. There are many varieties and specifications of travel switches, according to their operating structure

It can be direct action, roller direct action, lever single, double wheel, etc. When selecting a travel switch, it should meet the

Aspects of the requirements to choose. In the design, the linear contact type is used to detect whether the cylinder return action has reached the magnetic induction switch.

position, when it moves to the specified position, it touches the travel switch, ends the previous action, and is ready to execute the next action.

2. The visual function of the visual sensor system is to imitate the human eye to the greatest extent and be able to detect different objects.

Recognition. The system uses material sensors and color sensors to sort materials. Inductive proximity switches are

Position sensor with switch output, used to detect metal objects. It consists of LC high-frequency oscillator and amplification processing circuit.

When a metal object approaches the oscillating induction head which can generate an electromagnetic field, eddy currents are generated inside the object. This eddy current

Acting on the proximity switch, the oscillation ability of the proximity switch is attenuated, and the parameters of the internal circuit change. Thus, it is possible to identify

Ignore whether there is a metal object approaching, and then control the on or off of the switch. This system uses the device to detect ferrous materials.

Capacitance sensor is also a position sensor with switch output, which is a proximity switch. its measurement

The head is usually one plate that makes up the capacitor, and the other plate is the object to be measured itself. When an object moves towards the proximity switch

, the dielectric constant of the object and the proximity switch changes, so that the state of the circuit connected to the measuring head also changes. Depend on

In this way, the switch can be controlled to be turned off. The capacitive sensor in this device is used to detect aluminum materials. According to different materials

With different colors, it can be picked out for one color material.

Color sensors are also

The position sensor that comes out is a four-level photodiode with three colors of R (red), G (green), and B (blue) placed before the photodiodes.

Color filters for color, in order to process the respective output signals and identify the color method. The material sorting system adopts it mainly

Material used to identify red and green. At present, there are two basic types of sensors used for color recognition: 1. Color mark sensors

, it uses an incandescent light source or a monochromatic LED light source; 2, (red, green and blue) color sensor, it detects the object's three base

The reflectance ratio of the color to identify the color of the object. Many of these devices are thermo-reflective, beam-type, and fiber-optic, packaged in

A variety of metal and polycarbonate housings. Typical outputs are: NPN and PNP, relays and analog outputs. For the convenience of PLC

The writing of the control program is beneficial to the economic benefits of the company and enterprises. In this design, RGB color sensor is selected based on various conditions.

It is equipped with a device to identify the color of the material, and the relay output mode is convenient for the simplification of the PLC control system, and the control system is easier to realize.

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