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PVC conveyer belt main characteristic is what?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-22

1, transmission line is mainly the material conveying task.

2, around the warehouse, production workshop and packing workshop site

3, set up by many lines of belt conveyor, roller conveyor, conveyor chain

4, the fore and aft connected to form a continuous conveyor line

5, at the entrance of the material - and the sorting conveyor line Conveyor

6, a mouth and path fork device, elevator and conveyor line on the ground

7, sample in the warehouse, production workshop and packing workshop within the scope of forming a can smoothly reach the production position and closed loop transmission line system

8, all materials used in the production process, parts, components and finished products such as materials, must be packed in pallet box to enter conveyor line with barcode system

9, in the production management system under the action of a production order, containing material tray box on the entrance of the specified conveyor line system
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