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Protection of the temperature and speed of the moving conveyor belt

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-24
Mobile conveyors are widely used and used quite frequently. During the use of the mobile conveyor, the constant friction between the belt and the roller will increase the temperature of the belt. When the temperature of the belt rises to a certain level, the danger is also hidden in it, so the temperature and speed of the mobile conveyor Protection is also a matter of great concern to avoid unnecessary losses. Below we have prepared 3 points for everyone to pay attention to. I hope you will read them carefully and be vigilant. 1. Mobile conveyor temperature protection: when the belt conveyor roller and the belt friction make the temperature exceed the limit, the detection device (transmitter) installed close to the roller sends out an over-temperature signal. After the receiver receives the signal, it will be delayed by 3s. Make the execution part of the action, cut off the power supply of the motor, and the conveyor will automatically stop, which plays a role of temperature protection.   2. Stop protection at any point in the middle of the moving conveyor: If you need to stop at any point along the conveyor, you must turn the switch at the corresponding position to the middle stop position, and the belt conveyor will stop immediately. When you need to turn it on again, first reset the switch, and then press the signal switch to send a signal. 3. Mobile conveyor speed protection: If the conveyor fails, such as motor burnout, mechanical transmission part damage, belt or chain break, belt slippage, etc., the magnetic control switch in the accident sensor SG installed on the driven part of the conveyor Can not be closed or can not be closed at normal speed. At this time, the control system will follow the inverse time characteristic after a certain delay, and the speed protection circuit will take effect to execute part of the action and cut off the power supply of the motor to avoid the expansion of the accident. Our company's Xinxing brand products include mobile loading conveyor series, grain cleaning machine series, dryer series, warehousing machine series, grain unloading machine series, cleaning machine series, ground cage, etc., which are widely praised by users! Friends in need are always welcome to come to our company for on-site inspections and telephone consultations!
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