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Proper use of belt conveyors can extend service life

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-07
2012-02-28 14:12:03 How to seal the screw conveyor Link address: http://www.hnshusongji.com/xwdt134.html The belt conveyor can convey materials horizontally and vertically. The conveying line is generally It is fixed, has a large conveying capacity and a long distance, and can also complete some process operations at the same time during the conveying process. It is widely used. start and stop: When starting, it should be started under no-load conditions. When several belt conveyors are installed in sequence, a lockable starting device should be used to start and stop in a certain order through the centralized control room. In order to prevent unexpected accidents, each conveyor should also be equipped with a button for on-site start or stop, and any one can be stopped separately. In order to prevent the conveyor belt from being torn longitudinally for some reason, when the length of the conveyor exceeds 30m, a stop button should be installed at a certain distance along the entire length of the loading conveyor. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment, faults should be eliminated in time. The conditions or components that need attention should be checked regularly. The conveyor belt of the belt conveyor accounts for a considerable proportion of the overall loading conveyor cost. In order to reduce the cost of replacing and repairing the conveyor belt, it is necessary to pay attention to the understanding of the basic knowledge of the operation of the conveyor belt by the operator.
have manifold flexible conveyor system effects, ranging from container loading machine to container loading machine.
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