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Professional knowledge of maintenance of climbing chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-16
The mechanical climbing chain plate loading conveyor uses specially made chain plates to make it difficult for the raw materials to fall along the drive chain when they are transported up or down. Suitable for transportation of raw materials at a large tilt angle If the indoor space and objects are allowed, it can replace the continuous bucket elevator application. It is to refit plate-type prefabricated components between the transmission chains on both sides of the mechanical chain conveyor to transport objects with irregular characteristics. Refit special fixture tooling on the transmission chain, and can be used as an assembly line according to industrial automation regulations, or Immediately choose plastic steel profile flat top chain or stainless steel plate flat top chain as the transportation medium. The daily maintenance and maintenance of the conveyor machinery and equipment of the climbing chain conveyor: 1. The maintenance of the conveyor machinery: it means that when the wear reaches a certain level, it must be repaired immediately to repair the efficiency of the machinery and equipment. In addition, in the maintenance and repair of storage equipment, safe construction technical measures must be formulated to ensure personal safety and the safety of mechanical equipment. However, it must be noted that overhaul can not remove the wear and tear of mechanical equipment. 2. Maintenance of conveying machinery and equipment: If the machinery and equipment cannot be maintained immediately, it will use the parts and components of the machinery to accelerate wear or accidental damage, and increase the amount of maintenance. Therefore, if you do a good job of maintenance, you can immediately prevent problems before they happen, and then you can not delay all the normal work process of everyone.
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