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Production statistics and the content of the original documents

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-19
Production statistics content of automated assembly line production statistics is the basis of analyzing the control of the process, which is also one of the important management foundation work. Production statistics for each stage of the production process into products and parts, circulation, production and homework completed the activities of production, such as dynamic data collection, sorting, summary and analysis. Its content mainly includes: ( 1) Production statistics. Refers to products, spare parts all suggested budgeting for process of the production process, the input number, production date, production quantity and the number of scrap, statistics and analysis of repair emitting. ( 2) Inventory in the products. Refers to the loading and unloading and inventory products, semi-finished products and wip funds footprint statistics and analysis. ( 3) Production plan completion statistics. Refers to the completion of products and parts, every unit and individual shall finish the project tasks and to complete the workload statistics. Demand for production of statistical work is: data is accurate, complete data and analysis report correctly and timely. Production statistics original vouchers production statistics of original documents is in a certain form of single, CARDS, or on an instrument with Numbers and words for the initial production activities as record directly. All the production statistics are based on data provided by the original documents. For the application of computer aided management of enterprise, the basis of original vouchers and original input computer, so to fill out the requirements of the original documents should be very strict, must be pushing it, clear, complete and timely.
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