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Production line multiple-speed basic characteristics

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-10-04
Times the speed chain production line is as a guide, using special aluminium alloy profile commonly, use tow multiple-speed stretch tooling plate as the transmission medium. Adopting modular assembly lines, number of station can be set according to the requirements of process. Guang sheng DE explain for everybody concept and character of The Times the speed chain assembly line: 1, the production line, the concept of multiple-speed: aluminum profile times speed chain assembly line is chosen as the guide, with three times the speed chain as the transmission medium, the combination of electric, pneumatic control, overall operation in a relatively free beat, widely used in televisions, monitors, instruments and meters, motorcycle parts, air-conditioning, auto parts and other products assembly, debugging and testing work. Together with elevator or suspension assembly line, take the initiative to transfer the manipulator of the three-dimensional cross the cycle of production system. 2, times the speed chain production line features: speed chain assembly line selection times speed chain traction, tooling plate can free transfer, choose stop positioning to make freedom of movement or to suspend the work and artifacts in two head can active jack-up, transverse transition.
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