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Procurement of non-standard automation equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-10-03
In recent years, due to the artificial cost is higher and higher and hiring companies face difficult, difficult to hold the situation. Put in the automation equipment to replace artificial become more and more enterprise choice. Foxconn CEO terry gou is thrown grandiloquence: invest at least $1000 in three years, 1 million introduction of manipulator. How to make the automation equipment on the more effective, rather than become the burden of enterprises to become a great decoration. Automation equipment, process whether it is necessary to put in the automation equipment generally considered in the following cases imported automation equipment instead of manual operation: 1. The working environment is poor, such as spraying, high temperature, high risk, welding operation, etc. 2. Manual operation to make the product quality is not stable or not meet customer requirements; 3. Products larger or heavier, manual operation difficulty is big, handling efficiency is low; 4. The production cycle and long service life; 5. Small manual production, slow speed, low efficiency; For just to save manpower for the purpose of automation, personal advice should be carefully evaluated. Second, the process is suitable for delivery 1 automation equipment. The stability of the parts: upstream flow of product quality is stable. If the component is not stable, equipment processing, factory seconds is more than 2. Operation complexity: the complexity of the operation determines the cost of automation equipment and automation equipment technical feasibility. 3. Parts of packing: if you want to realize automatic feeding, need to change the original packing method to make feeding mechanism can grab to part 4. Parts of separability: if you want to realize the artificial feeding, need to evaluate parts of separability. Especially for three small precision parts, automation design, how to meet the requirements of lean mode 1. Using single task of small equipment, instead of using multiple task of large equipment; The more complex the equipment, the higher the cost, reliability. 2. Should not blindly pursue high speed equipment, the efficiency of the equipment to meet the demand and guarantee the quality of products for the principle. 3. Avoid batch processing equipment, batch processing equipment although has certain advantage in efficiency, but it will hinder the flow, make the production cycle is long; 4. The equipment is easy to move. In general, most small and medium-sized non-standard automation machinery enterprises facing capital, talent, market three big challenges, had handled this balance only, is likely to live, also have a chance of facing the market opportunities that may occur. So you have to calm down and hard skills, and always adhere to the credibility first, customer first, quality first business policy to serve every customer. Provide for the customer from the scheme, machining, assembly and commissioning of integrated solutions. From product design & rarr; Plan & rarr; Modeling & rarr; The figure & rarr; Processing & rarr; Assembly & rarr; Commissioning, to provide customers a complete set of solutions. Because of high technical threshold relative to some of the industry, so it is not easy to do this, involve the design, production, installation, commissioning and after-sales service, and many other link, the enterprise team construction is particularly important. Due to the smaller, how to overcome the difficult problems is a division of labor is not clear. Difficult to have a chance. In the face of good market prospects and development space, is also a special attraction in this line, through the survival of the early companies, will usher in rapid development of industry. Automation should not follow the fashion, should not blindly pursue high-tech can't pursue cheap, needs to have a long-term view. How to stand in the perspective of the customer to provide more suitable for customized non-standard automation equipment, no matter how much the customer money, also can't blind to provide the most expensive automation solution. A lot of selective automation, can be customized according to the requirements of enterprise process optimum automation solution.
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