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Problems need to be paid attention to when installing and debugging belt conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-17
The belt conveyor should avoid collisions during transportation, and attention should be paid to avoid deformation of parts during lifting. Pay attention to the following aspects during installation. The unit containing the transmission part should avoid bumps, and clean the heavily soiled transmission parts before installation; the installation should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, and the moving parts should be flexible. The tensioning devices are adjusted appropriately according to the requirements; the installation generally does not need to be embedded, and the equipment is fixed with expansion bolts, and the height of the equipment foot can be adjusted, so there is no special requirement for the ground. The design unit provides the footing announcement and foot load distribution map. The civil engineering part is required to construct the ground. The center line of each equipment is drawn on the ground according to the size requirements of the general drawing. This center line must be consistent with the center line of the related equipment. Install according to the line, fasten the foundation with expansion bolts, adjust the elevation, straightness and levelness of each conveying surface according to the requirements of the drawings, and lay electrical troughs to install the wiring of the power distribution cabinet. Steps for debugging the belt loading conveyor: After the equipment is installed, the belt loading conveyor is carefully adjusted to meet the requirements of the drawing. The reducer and moving parts are filled with corresponding lubricating oil. After installation, each single equipment is manually tested and combined to debug the belt loading conveyor. The machine meets the requirements of the action, and debugs the conventional electrical wiring and actions, so that the equipment has good performance and achieves the designed function and state.
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