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Principle of belt production line configuration

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-18
Belt assembly line is one of the assembly line, occupies a large shopping mall, so each big businesses, use line to save human and advances the work efficiency. It can transport the material types of heavy and complicated, can transport a variety of bulk material, also can transport all kinds of cartons, bags and other single component lighter products, can also be used in the large supermarket checkout products shipped, use widely. Belt production line equipment standards our equipment in the clothing production assembly line planning, there is a pay attention to matters need we take care of that, to comply with these guidelines could make workers produce more efficient. 1, the flow rule of close to the same unit as close as possible to the process, so as to avoid formation of continuous production, to prevent from unnecessary handling; 2, difficulty standard assembly line workers near water tasted good and bad are intermingled, about good sewing worker operation level, if let her do a brief product, is a waste of human resources, about the same level of employees, if let her do messy process, inevitably affects subsequent yield, descend the whole assembly line capacity; 3, the rule of same equipment acquisition process should be suitable for the same kind of equipment to produce process; 4, color the same criteria about color matching products but also pay attention to the same color, this can prevent caused by color transformation in line. Transfer belt the line USES the belt pulling the working plane movement, intention to produce process, also some people call this kind of belt line belt conveyor and belt conveyer. This kind of belt machine adopts modular assembly, workstation number can be set according to the requirements of process. Belt transport mechanic who is equipped with a power socket, craft board, lighting, etc. , make whole Cheng Liu arrived quickly and orderly.
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