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Principle and characteristics of unpowered roller conveyor assembly line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-11

Principle of unpowered roller conveyor assembly line:

Free roller conveyor: also known as unpowered roller conveyor

is characterized by the combination of roller loading conveyor, shaft, bearing, skeleton, support frame and other components, which can meet the needs of various

different application needs. The method of choosing the combination should take into account the characteristics of the conveyed items, the installation environment and the cost of the equipment.

. The characteristics of the article will affect the stability of the conveying, generally at least three roller conveyors are required to contact the article at the same time.

The assembly line of unpowered roller conveyor relies on manpower to push or slide down by gravity at a certain angle of inclination. The conveying distance of the unpowered roller conveyor assembly line is generally relatively short, and it is suitable for items with a flat bottom.

Conveying, for bulk materials, small items or items with irregular shapes, they must be transported on pallets or in turnover boxes. No power

The structure of the roller conveyor conveyor line is mainly composed of three parts: unpowered roller conveyor, frame and well-shaped outriggers. Rack material shape

Types are divided into: aluminum profile structure, carbon steel spray structure, stainless steel structure, etc. Roller conveyor material is divided into: metal roller conveyor

machines (carbon steel and stainless steel), plastic roller conveyors or lagging, etc.

Unpowered Roller Line

This type of equipment is a semi-automatic product. Objects can be conveyed in straight lines, turns and slopes. If necessary, it can be designed into double-layer, double-row, extension

Retractable structure to save space; simple structure, high reliability, convenient use and maintenance, and can withstand large impact loads. roller

diameters are 25.4, 38.1, 50.8, 57, 60, 63, 75, 89, 104 (mm). Whether the installation method is (single) flat

Port spring shaft, inner (external) tooth shaft, double flat port spring shaft, double split pin hollow shaft. Surface treatment adopts galvanized (chromium), package

Glue, or others; the types of roller conveyors include metal (plastic) end caps, conical, sidewall roller conveyors, right-angle steering rollers

; the diameter of the small head of the tapered roller conveyor is 38.1, 50.8(mm); the supporting bearings are precision bearings, stamping bearings,

Dust bearing; suitable for conveying all kinds of boxes, bags, etc. or objects with flat bottom surface, bulk materials, small items or irregular

The items need to be transported on the pallet or in the turnover box
Features of the unpowered roller conveyor line:

1. Most of them are suitable for indoor environment.
2. It is basically used for the transportation of box-type and flat-bottomed unit cargoes

Delivery and temporary storage
3. It must be pushed by manpower or at a certain inclination angle, it must be transported by gravity sliding down
4. Compared with other

: economical and practical, cost-effective
5, can be modularized design, very easy to assemble
6, the height of the line body can be adjusted

Adjustment, the scope of application is particularly large.

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