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Preventive maintenance of the belt conveyor belt

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-22
The conveyor belt of the belt loading conveyor plays a fundamental role in the performance and productivity of many industries (pharmaceutical, construction, food, mining, petrochemical...), and is the basic pillar of the efficiency of warehouses and distribution centers. The purpose of      preventive maintenance is to ensure the effective operation of the conveyor belt and minimize or avoid future failures. The regular inspection of the conveyor belt also has a predictive maintenance feature, which uses the necessary technical means to enable us to anticipate possible failures in the future. The fact that possible failures can be detected is of great economic value to the      company, because it may greatly reduce possible costs. In order to carry out correct preventive maintenance on the loading conveyor belt, the following four basic principles must be followed:      conveyor belt maintenance tasks require specific technical knowledge, and must always be performed by certified and experienced personnel, and comply with the system specific maintenance agreement. All safety measures mentioned.     Maintenance must be programmed and adjusted according to the workload at each production moment to minimize downtime and avoid possible productivity loss.     All components or mechanisms replaced during maintenance must be adjusted according to the technical data of the equipment to be used. This not only guarantees the correct operation of the conveyor belt, but also guarantees the safety of the operation. belt preventive maintenance requirements:      rolling element cleaning and lubrication adjustment conveyor belt replacement damaged components check hydraulic or oil leakage, electrical connection status, clearance...     check safety and protection system detailed documentation for maintenance work although the specific technical aspects of maintenance must be determined by Professional technicians perform, but some aspects of preventive maintenance must be carried out by the person in charge of the equipment almost every day. These are cleaning and lubrication tasks, as well as verification of safety systems and alarms. All aspects that need to replace the parts of the conveyor belt or disassemble the structure must be carried out by professionals.
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